Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update with David

Currently right now I am working with two jobs: Trimble/Talocity and MRDD. One is logistics and one is taking care of the disabled. It is difficult to work over 40 hours, enlisting in the Air Force, and taking care of my wife even though that is not in order of importance. Adam is at Lackland right now. My thoughts on that is that I will be going through the same things later on and can't wait! I don't want to work with two jobs. I am getting really tired and would like to just relax at my home with my wife. She is usually gone to work a couple of hours before I leave and I take that time to pick up around the house.
Leticia is working at Supercuts. She likes working there most of the time. She wants to further her career by going through Paul Mitchell. We will see how that will happen when I go into the Air Force.
I am also thinking of possible hobbies to pick up. I am wanting to learn of some different things but haven't figured out one yet.
The other day, Tish and I went to PetsLand and picked up another frog. This one is el bino. I named him Brutus. Tish named the other frog we have Dori. I think she liked that present for mothers day. Now we have two children together.....who are frogs. We were thinking of getting a dog or two later on. I am looking for the dog for me. Tish already has figured out what she wants.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A very fun family Christmas/ New Year & wedding updates!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year as much as we are!! I truly feel that there is no better way to spend the holidays then with FAMILY... and that's exactly what we did. :o)

Christmas day was spent with my side of the family... which included lots of gifts, laughs, hugs, and going to good 'ol Showcase Cinemas to see Bedtime Stories (a very fun family movie) ! I loved watching my cousins face light up each time a gift was pushed her way by our assigned Santa, David. My Uncle Jeff usually took this role, but he is in Cali with his fiance'. We really appreciate all the gifts for our future marriage life as well!
The Sat after Christmas was really fun with Davids folks. The brothers each got these neat remote control helicopters that were flown all over the place with excitement. Cora & Hunter are just soo cute hopping up & down with joy for their new toys from their loving thoughtful family. I am really a very proud and excited future Aunt Leticia!!! We also are very grateful for the gifts that will really come in handy during our wonderful years of marriage!

Our New Year's Eve & day was very eventful and started off perfectly in my opinion! We boogied the night away to celebrate the 2009 year of such wonderful things to come for both of our lives!! Then New Year's day we happily spent with Ray & Carol and the family for another family Christmas gathering. It was nice to be able to catch up with Ray & Carol and their gifts we so wonderful!! David really enjoyed his new martial arts outfit, and I really liked my cute makeup bag and tree ornament made by Carol herself :o)

The wedding planning is going fantastic! I purchased both of my patterns for the wedding & temple dress, and the material to make them, I'm soo excited... I know Sis Goodrich is going to do such fabulous job as my seamstress. We also pretty much got our invitiations done, and I'm really loving our special touches we have put on them, they are truly OUR invitations!! This has been really fun to plan so far, and I know the best is def yet to come with the temple sealng and our honeymoon!! ;o) We just got this finalized, we are going to Big Bear Lake in California... way up in the mountains and we will take a couple of days to go to Disney Land for Davids birthday on the 24th, and do temple work in our fav temple, San Diego!!! A really big thanks to Ray and Carol for making this honeymoon possible for us! =) We love you both!!

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe, a spiritual 2009!! We hope everyone can come and celebrate our eternal marriage March 20 @ 6 p.m. @ the stake center. Thanks to anyone who has made a diff in our lives in 2008! God be with you til we meet again!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Long time, no post!

Wow, it sure has been a while since we have put a post on here! I feel kinda bad because I want everyone to know how our engagement and wedding planning is going, plus everything else in our lives... but with no internet @ my new apartment, it's been hard to keep up with the internet things I would like to do. :o( I will do my best at this time to update as much as I can remember the last month... Enjoy!!

I took a much needed vacation to California for about 9 days!! It felt so good to keep my promise to my bestest friend Squishy aka Brittany by being her bridesmaid on Nov.29 . :o) I'm so glad I was able to be there and support Squishy during one of the most important times of her life. It was a very very beautiful, fun, and memorable wedding!!! I'm very happy & proud of the newly weds, I really wish them allllllll the happiness in the world for all time & eternity!! I LOVE YOU SQUISHY!!!!!
Not only did I get to be apart of the wedding while I was in Cali, I got to watch a night of dance classes that Squishy teaches @ her OWN STUDIO!! Those dancers are soo talented and again, I'm really proud of Brittany for making her dream or being a dance choreographer come true!! She really proves to those girls, that if they really put their whole heart & soul into dancing, there is no limit to how good of a dancer they can become.
Then Squishy and I saw Twilight together which was a very good movie! and it was really nice to have some special girl time w/ Squish.
And last, but certainly not least... my Uncle Jeff, his fiance' Diona, and my grandparents all got together and went to Disney Land the last day I was there!! My uncle and his wife bought my ticket as my 20th birthday present, and it was really one of the BEST birthday presents I have ever got, thanks you two! While I was there, I decided to buy a really cute present for David and I to wear @ our wedding reception, Bride & Groom Minnie & Mickey hats!!! They are the cutest hats I have ever seen, and those are something you cannot get in Ohio which was my goal as a present for David.
So..... all in all, my trip to California was very very fun thanks to Squishy & my family, and I def. would not mind going again in the near future!!

Now as for David and I in general... I just turned 20 on Dec. 17!!! It feels soo good to be an official adult now, I really feel like I have a clean slate with everything in my life and I feel very blessed with everything that has happened to me this passed year. David treated me to a wonderful steak dinner (my fav. meal) @ Texas Roadhouse.. I got to sit on a saddle as the staff said happy birhtday to me in front of everyone, totally fun!! Then he bought me a brand new really cozy winter jacket that I love and a really sweet card and froggy stuffed animal that's soo soft. It was a really fun and romantic birthday that I will never forget, thanks sweetie!!
I am really excited that I am about to send in my form to take my test to get my MANAGERS COSMETOLOGY LICENSE (thank you Ray & Carol for the funds to pay for this for my 20th bday present, I really do appreciate this and it means soo much to me!) David is waiting ever so patiently for the clearance to go to meps for the Air Force. There has been a few bumps in the road lately, but we have faith that the Lord will help and guide us through this, and I will be there to support David 100% with whatever does come about this!
Also, I am really proud and happy to say that we were finally able to take a trip to the temple together this passed Sat, and I was actually able to go in and do confirmations for the dead... the temple is a really beautiful and spiritual place, and I'm really glad that I have gotten myself back on track with the gospel and am able to enjoy all the blessings of the temple. We really are going to go to the temple way more often this coming up year together. I really can't wait to be endowed & married for all eternity to my best friend and soul mate in March @ the temple! I am soo IN LOVE with you David! <3

The wedding plans are going good... trying to get everything done in advanced as possible, but with the holidays and our work schedules, it's hard sometimes. But David is a really wonderful at helping and supporting me in making our wedding day a dream come true for the both of us! We have figured out the theme, thanks to the wonderful help of Josh too, The transition of Leticia O'Brien joyfully becoming Mrs. David Matthew for all time & eternity! Our colors are light green and blue. We are really excited about the design of our invitations and are really excited to make them with the help of my Aunt Jenna and Camille. Me and Davids wedding attire are getting made starting at the first of the year, and we are totally impressed with our seamstress Sis. Goodrich for helping us design exactly what we want! And.... we have registered @ Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Kohl's and we really appreciate and are thankful for whatever gifts we do recieve! :o)

We hope everyone has a joyous and blessed holiday season! A big thank you to everyone who has made a difference in our lives in some way or another this passed year. Let's all make sure we take time to remember the true meaning of these holidays. We love you all!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We LOVE being OSU fans together!

He had this really fun idea to wear these OSU shirts that go together... we had a good time wearing them and making all our friends laugh!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

more Engagement photos!!

** special thanks to Camille for taking these gorgeous photos for us, we <3 you!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

David's view of the engagement story

Leticia was in the other room talking with the family while I was upstairs getting ready for the biggest moment in my life. I was shaking my boots wondering how everything will turn out. In order to make things appropriate, I called Leticia's mother for her hand in marriage. She answered,"well finally. I was getting worried." I take it that she approves...
I told her that I will be proposing to Leticia this evening. She replied that she will be waiting for us to see her afterwards.
When I was coming downstairs into the kitchen, I wanted to confuse Leticia thinking that there will be something wrong, just for the sake of her not knowing what I am about to do. I said in a straight-forward voice,"Tish, can you come into the other room please."
We crept into the piano room and Leticia was wanting to know what is going on. I kissed her like my life depended on it, because good ol' swave like me, I confused her. She had a puzzled face wondering how I was able to be from a serious guy to an affectionate person in a split second."Whats wrong?" I gathered myself together, wanting to kneel down right there. However I look at the couch and thought,"She might faint if she is standing." "Let's sit down." As we sat, she said again, "honey what is happening?" I replied,"It's not what is happening, it's what will happen in our future."
Right there while she was sitting down, I took her left hand and with all my might I knelt down on my left knee. Shocked, she inhales very deeply. "I talked with your mother and she approves what I am about to do. Leticia, I want to be your husband for time and all eternity." She SCREAMS! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! She runs around in circles in the room and jumps at me, giving me a big hug. She kisses me affectionately afterwards.
Now, in my mind, I am thinking to myself,"I didn't propose yet....." To all the women who are reading this blog, you need to know something. No matter how estatic you will be, the guy wants to hear a ,"yes, I will marry you." I didn't get that answer yet.
"Umm, honey, will you marry me?" While she is still hugging me,"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!"
It took a lot more energy than it should have. I didn't have a plan to propose, I just did it expecting a yes. Sorry for being origional, but that's what I did. Because I did propose though, I got a positive answer. An answer that I was looking for, an answer that will officially start of my new family. YES.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leticia's view of the engagement story

David and I had just gotten back to his house from FHE. So we were just mingling with his family as they we carving pumpkins, laughing, and just having a good 'ol time. I then realized that David snuck upstairs because he was no where to be seen. After a while, he comes back downstairs and asks to talk to me in the front room in a kind of stern voice, so I'm like wondering ok, what did I do now? He then starts kissing me a lot and gives me a big hug, so now I'm totally confused because he went from being kind of stern to being all lovey dovey with me. I asked him what was going on and he says "there's something I need to talk to you about." By this time I'm like shaking because I don't know whether to be happy or worried. I say, "hun, please just tell me what's going on." he says "ok, we need to sit down." Eventhough I did not want to sit, I did it just so he would tell me. I'm sure glad I did though, because he then grabbed my hand and I said "david, what's happening?" he said "Nothing is happening right now, but there will be something happening in our future." I said "Well what is it?" Instead of answering me though, he says "I just talked to your mom on the phone upstairs." Right away I thought, oh my gosh, he's going to ask me to marry him!! Sure enough he gets down on one knee and says "Leticia, I want to be your husband for all time and eternity, will you marry me?" I immediately jump up and scream really really really loud, then I give him a big kiss, then I looked into his dreamy blue eyes and I say "yes!! OF COURSE I will marry you!!!"

About 5 days later... I'm just at work busy with the normal Saturday morning clients. Out of no where, David walks in, like he did back in January when we first became re-united with each other after him coming back home from his mission. I had no idea he was coming, but I was sure glad to see him like I was back in January. I could tell he wanted to talk to me, but I had to wait until I was not busy. So about 15 mins. later, I finally get a chance to talk with him. We sit once again on a little couch in the back of the salon. He says "I have something I want to give you." He gets down on his knee again and opens up that cute little black velvet box with the most unique, gorgeous, breathtaking ring I have ever seen in my life! With a kind of nervous tone to his voice but a really big handsome smile on his face he asks me to marry him again. I say "oh yes!" He then takes my hand and slides the ring onto my finger. I give him a huge hug and kiss and then we both go up to the front and show all of my co-workers.

I love how David didn't put on a big show with the actual engagement... it was in a warm family environment which is exactly what I want the both of us to have together forever. What truly makes me happy is knowing that I'm going to be HIS wife for all eternity!! And how cute is it that the place where we became re united and have been together eversince, was the same place where he got down on his knee again and put that beautiful ring on my finger. Super Cuts will just always be that special place where we can bring our future kids and tell them that this place was where our wonderful journey together all began. There's so many memories there between David and I. I'm so thankful that he did come into that Super Cuts that day and sweep me off my feet into his wonderful, spiritual, and fun life! I love you David!!! <3